How To Practice Golf Indoors Safely.


Golf is not just an entertaining game, but a sport that requires much practice and concentration. If you do not practice, you can quickly lose your swing and even your confidence. As a golf player, it is important that you stay focused and always maintain your best game. To do those, most players spend most of their time at the urban golf practicing so that they can improve their game. However, during harsh weather conditions such as autumn, you might want to consider taking your practice indoors if you want your game to stay sharp.

Golf Indoors Practice Drills

To start practicing indoors, the first thing that you will need is a driving net. A driving net will help you work on your swing. However, you will need a spacious area where you can practice this drill. You can place the driving net in your backyard or your garden. Moreover, to make sure that you swing is effective, put the net a few yards away from where you are going to place or strike the ball.

While working on your swing, you also need to focus on your gauging distance as well. To do this, what you need is a chipping net. A chipping net will help you work on your gauge distance and know where you should land the ball. Moreover, this device can assist you in improving your game because you can always change the gauging distance.

Another area you should concentrate when golf practicing indoors is your putting. You can practice on your putting indoors with the help of a lounge putting. You can buy an imitation putting surface that has several bunkers and raised hole for effect. You can place the lounge putting in any room that you wish to practice into as long as there is a hard surface.

As a golf player, you also need to work on your impact if you want your swing to be effective. To practice on your impact when you are indoors, all you need is a giant workout ball. A giant exercise ball can be found at the gym, or you can choose to buy one for yourself for the purpose of indoor practicing. To start your practice, place the ball at the same level with your hip height and lean your hip on to the ball. Try and drive your hips onto the ball, but do not allow the upper body to lean on the ball. This will improve your impact without having to hit the ball.

Legwork is also critical for every golf player, which is why it is important that you practice on this drill as well. To improve on your legwork, use a size three or a size five football to set up your legs in the right position. All you need to do is place the ball between your knees and try downswing without dropping the ball. If the ball falls, then that means that you are not achieved proper positioning of your legs, and therefore, you need to keep on practicing.


These are the most effective ways of practicing golf indoors. Moreover, by acknowledging this practice drills, you can practice from anywhere at any time even without your gaming gear.

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